Great Books

Great Books, Deep Conversations

Encompassing literature, history, theology and philosophy Great Books, Deep Conversations courses lead students through discussions of source texts from influential and wise minds over the course of human history.  Tutor Sessions lead discussions amongst peers in essential questions of philosophy and theology, while formal lectures form the frame-work of history and culture that precede, surround and follow the great book. 

In Great Books, Deep Discussions Students are taught to read well, reason biblically, and argue winsomely.  Text range from the Bible and ancient sources, to contemporary 20th century writers and cover a broad range of cultural topics.  Students read and complete written arguments during non-seminar days and are encouraged to bring the discussions from their course work to their parents for guidance. Tutor seminar sessions are an opportunity to present their thoughts before peers and mentors, and guidance in structuring their thoughts in written and oral arguments.

Great Books, Deep Conversations are designed around particular works and to addresses specific discussions of worth in developing a biblical worldview. However, through this integrated picture these Tutor sessions have interwoven distinct subjects traditional to education these are highlighted below each description to assist parents in their curriculum planing.

Dialectic (Grades 7-9)

The Light of Lewis: Discovering the Gospel and its Practical Application through the World of Narnia

Fantasy literature is an irreplaceable vehicle to open the minds of children to discern well and defend the truth.  The Gospel is the center of every well thought and well-practiced life and this Tutor Session utilizes C.S. Lewis’ Narnia to unpack the miracle and power of the Gospel. Designed for Dialectic students (7-9 grade) to read The Chronicles of Narnia and write a well structured argument in defense of the Gospel.

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Quests and Tests: The Mythology of Christendom, and the Pursuit of Holiness

Designed for Dialectic students (7-9 grade) to read Canterbury Tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Wee Sir Gibbie, and The Fairy Queen: Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves.

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Swimming Up the Mississippi: The Development of Christian Character in the Modern Age

Designed for Dialectic students (7-9 grade) to travel with Huck and Tom in Twain’s classic tales The Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer – and to delve into the journey of adolescence with How Now Shall We Live and the books of Joshua, Esther, and Ruth.

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Those Who Wonder are Not Lost: Breaking the Enchantment of Worldliness to Consecrate the World of Enchantment

Designed for Dialectic students (7-9 grade) to read Beowulf, The Saga of Hrólfr Kraki and His Champions, The Hobbit, Saint George and the Dragon, Crist by Cynewulf, Dat Erdmänneken and the books of Jonah and Mathew. Exploring the wonder of covenant creation mythology through northern myths.

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Rhetoric (Grades 10-12)

The Flame of the Gospel and the Burning of Rome: Paul, Augustine and the Holy Roman Empire

Following Christ’s, death, resurrection and ascension-God’s people and the culture underwent dramatic paradigm shift, which laid the foundation for the spread of the gospel and millennia later the Reformation of the church. Designed for Rhetoric students (10-12 grade) to explore the Paulian epistles and the ancient culture in which they were written, and the subsequent influence of the gospel on the development of Western Civilization.

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Agrarianism: The Art of Stewardship in an Ugly and Cavalier World

Through the works of Wendell Barry, Flannery O’Connor and J.R.R. Tolkien students explore the virtues of The Good Life: what it means to steward time, talent and Creation. Designed for Rhetoric students (10-12 grade) to expand their understanding of the great commission, environmental rhetoric, and the calling placed upon their lives.

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New Heaven and New Earth: The Sovereignty of God and Dystopian Society

Designed for Rhetoric students (10-12 grade) to expand their understanding of practical providence and the proper response to a culture of fear. Students read: Between Heaven and Hell, The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters,  Animal Farm and A Brave New World.

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The Divine Comedy: 

Designed for Rhetoric students (10-12 grade) to travel the Cantos of Dante’s Divine Comedy – exploring morality, ethics, and civics through ancient and medieval cultures.

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Joy to the World: The Redemptive Saga of History 

Designed for Rhetoric students (10-12 grade) to experience the history of western civilization as the covenant story of redemption through How Then Should We Live and As Far as the Curse is Found- and develop their calling of the Creation Mandate and the Great Commission.

#MODERN  #Bible  #Literature   #Language    #Composition   #Speech   #Art   #World History  #Civics    #Geography


To Bede or Boethius: The Thoughts and Actions of Early Church Fathers 

Designed for Rhetoric students (10-12 grade) to experience the history of western civilization and the spread of Christendom. Though the fall of Rome and the rise of England the gospel has shaped countries and molded hearts. Students read The Consolation of Philosophy, Ecclesiastes ,and the  Ecclesiastical History of the English People to explore the shift of the Greco-Roman philosophy and culture to that of the middle ages.

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