Spring Academic Calendar

Spring semester structures eighteen weeks of academic material, with two additional weeks of available material on The Bookshelf for a total of twenty weeks or 100 days.

First Day: January 21

Two weeks of non-seminar material is structured for the beginning of January.

Agape Break: February 17th – February 21st

Easter Break: April 8th – April 15th

Five days of non-seminar work structured in this break time.

End of Spring Tutor Sessions:  May 7th

Six days of non-seminar work structured between May 7th and May 22th.

Four additional days are structured May 15th – May 18th for Family Adventure.

Final Assignments Due: May 29th

Review lessons and final assessments are available for the week of May 25th through May 29th through tutor Seminars are not held.