Tutor Seminars Offered

Great Books, Deep Conversations

Encompassing literature, history, theology and philosophy Great Books, Deep Conversations courses lead students through discussions of source texts from influential and wise minds over the course of human history.  Tutor Sessions lead discussions amongst peers in essential questions of philosophy and theology, while formal lectures form the framework of history and culture that precede, surround and follow the great book. 

In Great Books, Deep Discussions Students are taught to read well, reason biblically, and argue winsomely.  Text range from the Bible and ancient sources, to contemporary 20th-century writers and cover a broad range of cultural topics.  Students read and complete written arguments during non-seminar days and are encouraged to bring the discussions from their course work to their parents for guidance. Tutor seminar sessions are an opportunity to present their thoughts before peers and mentors, and guidance in structuring their thoughts in written and oral arguments.

Great Books, Deep Conversations are designed around particular works and to addresses specific discussions of worth in developing a biblical worldview. However, through this integrated picture, these Tutor sessions have interwoven distinct subjects traditional to education these are highlighted below each description to assist parents in their curriculum planning. 


The art of science is a fluid discussion of all branches of science that find commonality in one Creator and in their development through history.  Therefore, courses of science explore the history, philosophy, and biblical application of the sciences.

As one of the most direct and detailed modes of study for general revelation, the science seminar structure emphasizes the need of every student to understand the order, beauty, and laws of creation.  These fundamentals naturally lead to the discussion and practical application of the sciences, as students are asked to wrestle with their personal creation mandate, as they relate to their creator and his creation.  Finally, all science seminars find practical applications or deductive learning structures, to inspire the imago Dei for the imitating creator-creature, to address the noetic effects of sin through the created order. 

Logic, Rhetoric, and Apologetic




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